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Open Letter to Florida Clemency Board

Open Letter to Florida Clemency Board

By Joanne Greenberg

Dear Clemency Board,

Felix Garcia celebrating his GED in 1984 Courtesy Pat Bliss. From Mother Jones Magazine.

Felix Garcia celebrating his GED in 1984 Courtesy Pat Bliss.
From Mother Jones Magazine.

I have been interested in the Felix Garcia case, for the last few years, and I have seen all of the material from that case, including the 2 hours of video interview on I know that he has exhausted his legal opportunities, but because there is a strong…

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Petition In Brown Truck and Heading South

Petition In Brown Truck and Heading South

By BitcoDavid English: Mabel Capper and Suffragettes with a ...

Mabel Capper and Suffragettes with a petition 1911 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is not without a certain amount of sadness, that I report to you that we have closed down the petition, printed up all 35 pages of it, and sent a copy to each of the four members of the Clemency Board. I’m actually quite happy about this, and about Felix’s extra shot at freedom, but I have nursed this…

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Mainstreaming 30 Years Later

Mainstreaming 30 Years Later

By Joanne Greenberg 123/365 Deaf awareness week

(Photo credit: clogsilk)

Mainstreamingblew in during the ’70s and ’80s on the same wind as the breaking up of state mental hospitals, and with the same emotions; end the stigma, expand what is “normal” to include everyone. Differences will disappear and a better society will result. The “gesturing” and facial expressions shouldn’t be a barrier between the hearing and the Deaf.…

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Some Great News
By BitcoDavid Sachs Media Group

Sachs Media Group

Pat Bliss has informed me that the option for clemency for Felix Garcia is not dead, after all. She states that the possibility exists for a new clemencyhearing, in December. What’s more, she tells me that there’s been a renewed interest in the case, amongst members of Florida’s justice system.  She has asked me to reach out one more time, to our readers, asking…

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Jack’s Annual Independence Day Plea

Jack’s Annual Independence Day Plea

Jack byline By Supporter Contributor and Internet Rock Star, Jack


Happy and safe 4th to everybody.

Happy and safe 4th to everybody.

It’s coming! I can feel it in my bones, and I’m not a happy Lab-Chow. Fourth of July! The worst day to be a dog, of all the days to be a dog. BitcoDavidlets me write a post once a year, imploring you to take caution when enjoying this holiday, as it is often an unsafe and very scary time for your bestest –…

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Since Arpanet, There Have Been Trolls

Since Arpanet, There Have Been Trolls

By BitcoDavid Justice (Dike, on the left) and Divine Vengean...

Justice (Dike, on the left) and Divine Vengeance (Nemesis, right) are pursuing the criminal murderer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)One of the subjects we’ve covered is the Boren-Thomas murders– the tragic death and dismemberment of a young woman and her infant child, by an estranged husband. This crime is a double ended disaster, because while we feel the pain and loss to the victim, we…

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Six Factors for Linguistic Incompetence

Six Factors for Linguistic Incompetence

 By Jean F. Andrews Deborah Parkin - Susan Spiritus Gallery

Deborah Parkin – Susan Spiritus Gallery

I’ve been in court when both judges and prosecuting attorneys were not familiar with the term, linguistic incompetence and how it related to a deaf defendant’s case. They were familiar with the term, mental incompetence. Mental incompetence is defined as the inability is of a person to make or carry out important decisions, or is…

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HEARD’s #DeafInPrison Campaign - Day 2

HEARD’s #DeafInPrison Campaign – Day 2

By BitcoDavid Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

HEARD turned on the link to the Al Jazeera America video yesterday. Numerous people have screened it either through FaceBook, Organizations and private parties, or from my links, here. I have received several comments and messages on it already, and I’m sure Talila Lewisis very happy – as am I –…

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50 Ways to Use the Internet

50 Ways to Use the Internet

By Jean F. Andrews Map of uunet global Internet backbone. Image: Manchester AC

Map of uunet global Internet backbone.
Image: Manchester AC

In collaboration with a deaf inmate, we put together 50 different ways to use the Internet. For a deaf person, the Internet is a necessity not a luxury as it is for hearing people, who have the option of using the audio-cell phone.  Banning deaf personswho are released from prison, from using the Internet is a cruel and…

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Why Isn’t Felix Free by Now?

Why Isn’t Felix Free by Now?

By Pat Bliss NYT


Felix could say he cried out for help to anyone who would listen. Ever since he found out – after arriving in prison and  having the trial transcripts read to him by his cell mate – that his sister testifiedagainst him. All the time thinking, during the trial she was helping him, because he could not discern the words spoken by the witnesses, while testifying. Felix relied on his…

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